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The person you were always meant to be is waiting for you.

Daniels Coaching Group

is here to provide you with multi-faceted coaching for any and every area of life that you feel stuck in.

About Us

Dharius & Shameka Daniels

Married power couple Dharius and Shameka Daniels set out on a mission years ago to come alongside people in the trenches of their lives and aim for and tackle the mountaintops. Their goal is to see people achieve their goals, excel at their dreams (whether professionally, relationally, spiritually, or personally), and become their best selves while accomplishing their best work.

Speaker, coach, and certified emotional intelligence specialist, Dharius specializes in helping others self optimize without self destructing. With over 20 years of leadership experience, Dr. Daniels understands that right information can cause a comprehensive revolution.

Shameka is a certified grief recovery specialist, renowned teacher and life coach, excellent public speaker, and expert marriage and life counselor. She is driven by her unshakeable belief that people can become who they are meant to be regardless of their grief, obstacles, or tribulations. Her focus is on excelling in marriage, career, and other aspects of life through the art of intentionality, continual balance, self-discovery, and planning.
Together, they are committed to helping others transform their lives in every area they feel stuck in!


Dharius and
Shameka Daniels


Don’t wait until you reach that imaginary “x-marks-the-spot” you’ve been striving for in life–we offer coaching that is for everyone. Whether you are trying to mend a marriage, lead a team of volunteers, build a business from the ground up, or simply manifest the life you see for yourself… You’re in the right place!

I'm looking for...

Career Coaching

Learn how to say no to things without the backlash of guilt sticking around afterwards. Grow so ...

Leadership Coaching

Some leaders are better than others. Become the person that people want to follow. We’ll show ...

Business Coaching

Gain clarity on your overall vision, navigate project planning, learn how to hire (and fire) ...

Relationship Coaching

Receive coaching on how to create boundaries, how to strengthen the relationships you want to ...

Life Coaching

You can lead, build, vision-cast, or have healthy relationships if you don’t start with YOU, first. Map ...


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Shameka Daniels

Senior Coach

Brittany Phillips

Master Coach
Director of Daniels Coaching Group

Shalonda Allison

Senior Coach

Anthony M. Rawlings, Sr.

Senior Coach

Felicity Blunt

Senior Coach

Jamie House

Senior Coach


Staff Coach

Liz Gist

Staff Coach

Cleavon Davis

Staff Coach

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The person you were always meant to be is waiting for you.


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The person you were always meant to be is waiting for you.

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